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How to choose a good school

School principals, parents and teachers share their views with Gulf News on what it takes for a school to succeed.

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  1. Added 18:48 March 13, 2012

    The School is no more education institute. Its a commercial business institute. If you want to see yourself please go to any school in sharjah and ask them do you have addmission for KG-1 for the session starting in Sep 2012 the answer will be NO !! secondly ask them the fee structure in which there are many non-refundable charges even if your child is not selected, and more and above there is a very well know school in UAE they are making a lucky draw for admission and if your child is not on that lucky draw you are considered as a loser ... How does it sounds " Lucky draw to decide future of my child !" Huh .. There should be nominal affordable annual fee without extra unconsiderable charges... with easy acess to principle and the admission date for all School should be common so If we dont get admission here ok we will try some other. Anyway the best is to go and check yourself you will see the monopoly.

    Faiz, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 16:27 March 13, 2012

    the subject is good but no conclusion. no schools in their website putting the qualification and the experience of their faculties.

    ramesh, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 15:31 March 13, 2012

    1st of all the School Management should fecelite the teacher i know a number of teacher getting not mor then 2000dhs salary how they can give a good education to children, the teacher salary should be define for teh ministory as a scale voise.then they the tacher will give good educaiton to student.

    AL Mehboob, dubai , United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 15:07 March 13, 2012

    If KHDA wants to ensure a good quality of education, then the check should be random. Schools regularly plan classes based on the KHDA visits. Only the students who give correct answers are allowed to speak in front of the checkers. There is a well planned programme set up to show off the school's strong points and hide the weak ones. Students are warned to do as instructed, and ensure to promote the school at every chance. Why can't expat children speak Arabic, even though Arabic is taught from grade 1 onwards.

    Louise, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 14:56 March 13, 2012

    A good school is one which has an environment to nurture the inborn skills and abilities of the child to the maximum level such that the student will feel free to develop his/her potentalities with the help of teachers as well as parents.

    MARY ANN , DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 13:04 March 13, 2012

    My son fortunately goes to a school where the my son n we were shown the school, its facilites and every thing that the school offers. we were shown around none other than the Deputy Head of the school himself. not only this , we have access to the Principal's office any time of the day.

    SS, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 12:59 March 13, 2012

    i like gulf news.

    sahil.nadvi, al nadh, India

  8. Added 11:23 March 13, 2012

    Before we were looking for only good education sytem but today with education safety also concern how safe your child in school.

    Rachu, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 10:34 March 13, 2012

    None of the schools allow parents to inspect the premises and have a look at the classes.

    Naeem , Sharjah , United Arab Emirates

  10. Added 10:09 March 13, 2012

    The management should focus on the pupils mind deployment rather then books weights and the schools should create the friendly environment for the students but with discipline. Most of the schools are concentrating only on the books not on the developments ,The British schools have this capability but their fee is very high because of well trained staff. Their staff has studied in the same environment that's why the apply the same in teaching and our staff studied in other environment so they use their own style. It is time to change the style.

    M. M. Khan, Abu Dhabi, India

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