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A rainy day in Sharjah

Residents and motorists in Sharjah brave flooded roads and detours as torrential rain and thunderstorms hit the UAE.

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  1. Added 13:03 December 1, 2012

    Why nobody cover the flooded streets all over Dubai. Yesterday in Abu Hail Area, Satwa, Karama, Horar Al Anz, Al Qasais, and in many other areas most of Streets were look like rivers. Many vehicles were stuck in deep water in more than 3 feet water. Other areas have open sand ground (Ramal) that absobed the rain. No proper drain for rain water in any road. We can seed there is a lot of holes on side of roads for drain, but why those were not serving the purpose?

    Naeem Muhammad, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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