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Serving up fun

Interior design ace Andrew Bannister talks about the rise of the entertainment kitchen

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    People love to show off and delight guests with their knowledge and talentImage Credit: Corbis
People purchase more appliances because we love to entertain, and increasingly so in the kitchen. The economy of our lives may have resulted in less dining out, but I suspect it is more to do with the fact that we like to entertain our family and friends and the kitchen has become a stage for economic gourmet fun.
For those who do not understand the joys of cooking or appreciating the artistry that others possess, the following may seem a little absurd. For some, the sheer joy of creating an extravagant or a simple meal for others and letting them observe all or part of the process, is a fun, fulfilling and tasteful way to host their guests.
You have to watch the many cookery shows on television to understand that the new revolution in the home is not really the latest wide screen 3D television, it is the latest gizmo in the kitchen. As a designer with 30 years of experience, I have created hundreds of kitchens for the rich and famous and everyone else in between.
I can safely state that the art of entertaining has found a home in the kitchen.
From the addition of a Teppanyaki cooking hob to an ice cream maker, or an induction hob to a popcorn machine, people love to show off and delight guests with their knowledge and talent.
The involvement of family and friends in the cooking process has evolved into an art form that involves entertaining without always straining the budget. For example, the barbeque has always been one place where you can entertain and where many people show off their culinary skills with a tin tub and a few charcoal briquettes.
We live in a world of technology and facilities that make our lives easier to run. The process of taking time out to consider your menu, buying ingredients and preparing and cooking a meal for your loved one will catch on as our world becomes more complicated. The simple act of interaction between people is and will always be the best way to show affection. It’s a very tasty way too.
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