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  • story 1
    Tuesday Feb 24

    Public outcry over private banking

    As compliance, consolidation and scandals affect the industry, GN Focus compiles a list of changes and what they may spell out

  • story 2
    Tuesday Feb 24

    On the path to luxury

    Investing in luxury funds is a sure-fire way to profit from the purchase of prestigious brands. Someone else does all the purchasing, so your investment rises above being just a style statement to become a smart strategy

  • story 3
    Tuesday Feb 24

    What type of investor are you?

    The profile of the private banking customer is changing in the Middle East

  • story 4
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Dubai emerges as a credible private banking alternative

    The emirate is consolidating its position as a new hub for private banking on the back of its status as a safe haven from political and financial turmoil

  • story 5
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Dubai faces towering challenges

    Dubai has to overcome a number of 
regulatory hurdles if it is to become 
a leading centre of private banking

  • story 6
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Europe on the mend

    With the global economy recovering steadily, the year holds promise 
for European equities

  • story 7
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Riding towards China’s recovery

    The Year of the Horse is expected to bring 
reform in Greater China, which will present investors with unique opportunities

  • story 8
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Should you invest in bitcoin?

    Investors and financial analysts offer various perspectives on investing in the virtual currency

  • story 9
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Buffett for beginners: 3 simple lessons

    In his annual letter, the Oracle of Omaha highlights investment advice that is sure to rake in the money

  • story 10
    Tuesday Mar 25

    Premium credit cards offer several benefits

    Ultra-premium credit cards offer a host of perks. 
Here’s what you should be looking for