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Appliances you want (but might not need)

Some nifty gadgets add extra sparkle to our kitchens and homes, yet we procrastinate buying them. GN Focus profiles five clever kitchen appliances she’d absolutely love to have

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Herb Cultivator
BEKO Dem samovar
This nifty appliance can brew tea for two or 20 with the simple flick of a switch. Blending the ancient and indulgent art of tea making (18th century style) with modern technology, this samovar packs in 1,800 watts of power and has a two-phase heating system (one boils the water while the other keeps the water hot). The 0.9-litre porcelain teapot keeps the concentrated tea warm, while the 2.5-litre water kettle dispenses a continuous supply of hot water.
Price: Dh269 (special Ramadan offer in the UAE — Dh199 until August 20)
George Foreman 360 Grill
This multitalented grill is a deep dish pizza oven, quesadilla press, omelette maker and pancake griddle, packed into an impressive 106 square inches of cooking surface. Stave of clean-up worries because this grill comes with five removable plates and its patented angle-cooking surface drains off excessive food fats into two drip trays to avoid a mess. It sports cool touch handles and a special non-stick coating that eliminates the need for oil. The temperature control slide and indicator ensures consistent cooking results.
Price: $129.99 (about Dh478)
UNOLD Snack Master
It’s the only appliance you’ll need for breakfast. This neat little package can serve up fried or scrambled eggs, sausages or ham, and two slices of toast — all at the same time. The Snack Master features a heat-insulated cool touch housing made of plastic and stainless steel, an automatic two-slot toaster with variable browning control, a built-in non-stick griddle, removable crumb drawer and cord storage compartment. The griddle can be removed for easy cleaning and when not in use, the side panel can be folded away for space-saving storage.
Price: €39.99 (about Dh186)
Home herb cultivator
Developed by Urban Cultivator, this appliance uses the latest in hydroponics technology (the process to help you grow herbs, micro-greens and vegetables sustainably. Sporting smoked glass doors and a beautiful butcher’s block on top, the cultivator is the size of a dishwasher and plumbs to water and electric the same way. It automatically controls the light, the fan (humidity control) and watering of your mini garden. Hello to tossed home-grown salads and goodbye to blackened bunches of mint and soggy coriander!
Price: Starting from $2,200
Sharp blender blaster
This high torque power appliance is a curious mix between a cocktail shaker and coffee grinder. Its titanium body is rust resistant and anti-corrosive and comes with two steel blades (cross and flat) with multifunctional accessories like shaker and steamer tops (and four party mugs). The Blender Blaster delights with the whip, chop, blend, mix and grind functions. From frothy drinks to grinding meat, this little bullet can puree fruit and vegetables and shave ice and frozen fruits in a jiffy. All while taking absolutely no space on your counter top. 
Price: Not available
SodaStream home soda makers
What good is a soda maker you ask? Well, apart from being a healthy alternative to canned and bottled beverages, this appliance can turn tap water into sparkling in under 30 seconds. If plain fizz doesn’t do it for you, SodaStream offers more than 60 flavours (regular and diet) to concoct your own signature soda pop. The featured model — Genesis Soda Starter Kit — makes up to 60 litres of soda with a single carbonator and comes with two bottles and a 12-flavour soda mix pack. It’s simple to use and easy to clean and apart from sipping freshly made zingy soda, you’re also helping to save the environment. No bottles, no cans, electricity or clean-up. Like the box says, it’s a smarter way to enjoy soda.
Price: $119.95