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Emiratis brought up to give generously

Examples of generosity are endless and are applied either on government or individuals levels.

Art of giving
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Emiratis are brought up to be generous and presents are given to friends and relativeson various occasions, such as the birth of a newborn or an engagement.
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Dubai: The generosity of Emiratis can be seen in practice on a daily basis. Emiratis were brought up to greatly appreciate the trait of open-handeness due to its important position in Islam as well as in their Arabic roots. Therefore all sectors of society such as the family, school and social institutions work to instil this trait within generations.

Examples of generosity are endless and are applied either on government or individuals levels. Social occasions are often full of illustrations of generosity. For example, engagements, marriages, giving birth, and moving to a new house, and recovering from sickness are all occasions where Emiratis show benevolence.

Birthdays and graduation parties are also occasions where Emiratis are keen to lavish gifts on people.

Keen socialisers

Emirati women usually buy expensive presents such as watches, gold or diamonds for friends who are getting engaged. Sometimes the present is bought separately and sometimes all the parties involved will participate and buy a joint present.

Regarding a newborn, gifts will be given to the mother as well as the baby, for example a chic piece of jewellery for the mother along with a bouquet of colourful flowers that mirror the happy occasion and certainly a gift for the baby.

Gifts for people recovering from an illness are usually trays of fine chocolates bought from the top chocolatiers in the UAE. And the trays will continue to be sent even after the patient leaves hospital as a sign of extra love and care for the patient.

When an Emirati woman visits her friends or relatives who have moved to a new house then the present will be an elegant ornament or statue, sometimes a set of ornate tea or coffee cups.

Parties generally in the UAE are for young people nowadays, therefore the presents are usually fashionable and suit the age of the recipient and this also applies for graduation events. Generally, presents vary from person to person, after all it's a matter of taste but usually all presents are admired and appreciated by the recipient.

Emiratis are keen socialisers, and insist on inviting their relatives, neighbours, and friends to their homes on a regular basis. All the details of the visits will be taken care of and guests treated with a tremendous amount of generosity and made to feel that they are most welcome and their visit is highly appreciated. That's why Emiratis' houses are always full of people — and always full of life.