Tenancy contract must for sponsoring family

Residents must have house rental papers in their name to apply for relatives' visas

Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD)
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Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD). Residents have been reminded of a rule introduced in 2008 which requires tenancy contracts with the names of those seeking to sponsor families.
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Dubai: A top official at the Ministry of Interior has warned that no leniency will be given to those who don't produce a tenancy contract under their own name when seeking to sponsor family members on their own residency visas.

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Al Menhali, acting Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Naturalisation and Residency, told Gulf News on Sunday that expatriates need to have a proper accommodation with a valid tenancy contract under their own name to be able to sponsor their family members.

The clarification by Major General Al Menhali comes after some expatriates said they were not aware of the rules.

One Dubai resident said he wanted to sponsor his family but that his application was rejected because he used to live in shared accommodation with his brother.

The Indian man said the residency department in Dubai had asked him to submit a tenancy contract under his own name and that he would not be able to sponsor his wife and children without one.

"This is not a new rule as it was implemented a few years ago, but people are still ignorant to such rules and are surprised when they are asked to submit tenancy contracts under their name to sponsor their families," said Maj Gen Al Menhali.

"Applicants across the country must produce a copy of their tenancy contract to prove their eligibility to sponsor a family so as to ensure they can actually afford to give their families a decent living space," he added.


Maj Gen Al Menhali said those who live in shared accommodation and have a tenancy contract which is not under their own name will not have applications to sponsor their families accepted.

"We have to ensure that whoever applies for a residence visa for his or her family must have suitable and proper accommodation available for them and their families," he said.

Maj Gen Al Menhali said it was not necessary for applicants seeking to sponsor families to produce tenancy contracts from the same emirate. The tenancy contract can be from any other emirate, but should be under the sponsor's name only.

He said in 2008 the Ministry of Interior announced the rule. It was introduced to ensure that applicants who wished to sponsor their families had proper accommodation and that the sponsor could really support his or her family. "The contract should either be in the name of the sponsor or in the name of the company where he or she works," he said.

"The application will be rejected if a big family lives in a studio apartment," he said.

He added that those who wanted to bring their families on a visit visa were not required to present a tenancy contract with the application.


  • Anonymous

    16-Apr-2012 19:54

    I think this is not a welcome news to middle class people , who cannot afford high flat cost . I would request , government have to review the rule.

  • jennifer

    16-Apr-2012 18:21

    only solution to occupy the locked apartments for years...

  • Mohammad Faisal

    16-Apr-2012 18:21

    Thinking in terms of economics - This would increase the demand of real estates. As the demand goes up, the rents would again start rising putting increasing inflation and price index to rise. Its the real estate companies that would cash in because of the rule. A common man's earning will further shrink. Government needs to reconsider this rule from a humanitarian angle.

  • Faisal Saeed

    16-Apr-2012 18:19

    What do they think? If a person calls his/her relative will they live on streets? Wake up guys.... there is something which is called Humanity and that is one of the most important things ...

  • Muhammad Ali Siddiqui

    16-Apr-2012 18:16

    I am not agreed with them, just spouse if salary this 4000/= he will pay the flat rent 3000/=how he will spend the month only with 1000/= in Dubai to much expensive,Dubai government need to change the rule the will also get benefit if family are living,if person live alone he have less expensive.it my request to Major General Al Menhali to change the rule thanks.


    16-Apr-2012 17:59

    I think this rule will reduce rush as privacy is definetely affected by sharing people in premises/ buildings

  • deepak

    16-Apr-2012 17:45

    if this will continue then many expats have to leave the uae which will decrease the revenue for uae. ih ope this rule would change so that we can stay long yearswith the family.

  • Anonymous

    16-Apr-2012 17:40

    End Result more families will go back to their countries, This people will start loosing business...

  • Sayeed

    16-Apr-2012 17:13

    Govt should rethink of this law that will really affect more than 70% of expats cos most of them are less paid and not on time.

  • Mohammed

    16-Apr-2012 16:55

    Allhumdulliah I am having good salary but the job is not sure when they will fire me , i want to sponsor my wife and new born baby i am not sure when i will be terminated.so please i request the authority to remove this rule to live happy in UAE.

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I think this is not a welcome news to middle class people , who cannot afford high flat cost . I would request , government have to review the rule.


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