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Etisalat warns of internet disruptions in UAE

  • By Nadia Saleem, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 16:02 April 15, 2010

Dubai: Internet traffic in the UAE is likely to be disrupted this weekend due to damage to a key submarine cable in the Mediterranean Sea, etisalat said in a statement.

Repairs are being undertaken by the owner of the cable, the Sea-ME-We 4, other partners and concerned operators.

Traffic is being re-routed to ensure the earliest restoration of the cable.

"Etisalat has prioritised internet traffic and essential services, important to customers, to ensure that they continue to operate with minimal or no impact. For the business segment and service users, etisalat has already undertaken immediate corrective steps to minimise the impact."

Telecom operator du said there has been no impact on [its] internet and international voice services. Traffic was moved to alternative international routes, it said.

Comments (3)

  1. Added 16:52 April 16, 2010

    even I am having same issue , youtube is not working from last 3-4 days, and MSN messanger voice call not working also......and browsing speed too.

    Raheman, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 15:33 April 16, 2010

    oddly, i find the internet faster except for Youtube, which is not loading. that, considering i have a DSL line. Odd indeed.

    keshbahn, Kabul, Afghanistan

  3. Added 11:50 April 16, 2010

    I guess it started 2-3 days back...

    Jason, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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