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Samsung Wireless Audio Dock DA-E750: sounds rich

A pricey system that is worth its weight in sound and looks

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You’d be forgiven for thinking ‘cheap sound accessory’ when you read ‘dock’ because that’s what most of them tend to be. Not to put them down because they serve their purpose of amplifying sound from your phone or MP3 player very well, but they don’t exactly scream ‘luxury’ or ‘premium’.

The Samsung Wireless Audio Dock DA-E750 is set to fix that, and more. The flagship model of the new set of docks, the DA-E750 comes with a rich mahogany or cherry/burgundy finish. It’s hard to not give this dock a second look, not just because of its design but also because it is 17.7 inches wide, 9.5 inches deep and 5.8 inches high. It also weighs in over 8 KGs so don’t expect to be lugging it around. That said, with its design, its best kept at home to augment the aesthetics of your furniture.

The EA-750 is not just beautiful; it actually has just about every connectivity option under the sun. As any dock would, it allows you to plug-in your iOS device (both iPhones and iPads) and Samsung Android device or connect them via 3.5mm audio jack. For wireless connectivity, the dock supports Apple Airplay, Bluetooth audio connectivity as well as Wi-Fi for DLNA play. If you don’t have WiFi (you really should), the dock allows you to connect an Ethernet cable. Lastly, the dock also features a USB port so you can play music off your flash drive.

Now for the music; the dock features a 2.1 system and a pair of 20W speakers. It has no problem filling a room with sound. The quality of the dock is pretty impressive too; instead of a thumping deep bass, the sound from the dock is more realistic and rich. The sound did distort on the highest volume when playing tracks with heavy bass, but as for everything else, you’ll be quite pleased with the sound quality.

Here comes the kicker, the Samsung Wireless Audio Dock DA-E750 is not cheap. At Dh2,999, not everybody would be comfortable putting down the money for what is basically an accessory - at best a good looking set of speakers. But, those that do will value the both sound and aesthetics.

The writer is a digital marketing professional and an early adopter of all things digital