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Google Glass: Trying the cream of technology

It was an amazing experience to be one of the first to use this cutting-edge gear

Image Credit: AP
The new Google Glass “Bold” with prescription frames in “shale” colour
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Dubai: I’ve finally done it and joined the scores of people who have been bombarded with questions after trying out Google Glass.

“How was it? What did you feel? What did you do, exactly? What did you see?”

Well, it is great fun and it felt amazing.

I am among the “first generation” of people to try something that the whole world is talking about, but it is not on the market yet.

I felt great because I am witnessing and experimenting with something many thought was confined to science fiction.

But today, it's happening and becoming part of modern life.

First off, I didn’t feel dizzy, as one of my colleagues suggested!

What you see once you wear the product, which the giant Silicon Valley company prides itself on making, is a small box on the side of the “mini-computer screen” on your head.

It shows the time and on the following line: “OK Glass”.

Actually, saying the two words is like saying “open sesame”. Once you utter the magic words, a menu of actions appears, including taking a picture, translating, and showing directions.

You say what you want it to do and it does your bidding.

If you swipe the stem of the glass, it goes back or cancels what you are doing. If you swipe it forwards and backwards, it navigates through the user’s timeline. The most recent activity appears first.

It's a really fun gear to use.

Trying Google Glass was part of an event organised by Google in Dubai to demonstrate the services and applications offered by the internet company, such as street views, Google Now and YouTube.

It is not clear when Google Glass will be available in the market, including the UAE, as the Glass is still in experimental phase around the world.