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Canon EOS 6D: Taking amazing pictures

Camera targeted at travel, landscape and event photographers

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Canon EOS 6D
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The EOS 6D is Canon’s lightest full frame DSLR. The camera, similar to the 60D in size and weight, is targeted at travel, landscape and event photographers. The camera’s body weighs only 770g.

The camera’s layout and design is similar to what Canon users have come to know and love. There’s a three-inch ‘Clear View’ LCD screen at the back and a backlit display on the top to show current settings. What is curiously missing is a touchscreen that swivels, something we have already seen on the EOS 650D. Not just as a gimmick, the 650D’s touchscreen interface made navigation much easier.

The star of the 6D’s feature list is its full frame 20.2 MP sensor. The wider shots and improved depth of field are, of course, a direct result of its larger sensor, not to forget the improved ISO performance.

The 6D has an 11 point autofocus system which is a bit of a letdown seeing as competitors offer a greater range at models in the same line-up. However, the EV-3 autofocus system lets the camera focus in extremely low light situations. The 6D also shoots burst pictures at 4.5 frames per second which is slightly lesser than the 650D’s 5 fps.

The camera also includes a smooth, quiet and quick shutter drive system. The low sound is helpful when shooting events, especially weddings. However, the smooth focus works great for video. Part of the credit goes to the Ultrasonic Motor (USM) of the kit lens — the 24-105mm f/4 L. The kit lens with its wide focal lens and image stabilisation does a great job as a starter lens for the camera.

The Canon 6D features built in WiFi and GPS. The WiFi has been implemented in an excellent manner on the camera — you can send the photos to a WiFi printer, a DLNA device, upload them to Canon Image Gateway or to you smartphone or tablet. Canon also has a smartphone app that lets you control your camera and take shots remotely. The GPS capability in the 6D lets you log location information to the pictures you take.

What the camera is missing is a built in flash. However many — if not most — professional photographers will have an external flash that can be used with a hot-shoe attachment; it is still a point to consider.

The resulting image quality on the Canon 6D is excellent. The camera performs well even at high ISO levels, again a direct result of the larger sensor. The video quality, at both 720p and 1080p, is above par.

At a price point that sits substantially below its more serious brother, the 5D Mk 3, the Canon 6D is an excellent entry point for photographers in to the full frame world.

The Canon 6D along with a 24-105mm f/4 IS USM lens retails for Dh11,700

— The writer is a marketing professional and an early adopter of all things digital.


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Bundled WiFi and GPS

Quiet Shutter Drive

Great image and video quality



No Flash


Few AF points