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Rera to start registration of property marketing deals

Regulatory authority to use online portal as it aims to weed out unlicensed brokers

  • WAM
  • Published: 17:47 October 7, 2012
  • Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera) will start registration of property marketing deals and offers through its online property registration portal (Semsari) for real estate brokers, which aims to regulate the real estate market and eliminate the phenomenon of unlicensed brokers. Engineer Marwan Bin Galita, CEO of Rera, said the implementation of phase 2 of Semsari system is designed to manage and regulate real estate brokers registered with Rera. Simsari is an electronic web based product designed and developed by the Emirates Real Estate Solutions-an authorised agency to provide technological solutions for the real estate industry in the UAE. Approved by Government of Dubai and Dubai Land Department, Semsari was previously launched in year 2006 as the only government supported online real estate portal, and then was re-launched in August 2012.

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