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WWE star The Miz meet and greet in Abu Dhabi tomorrow

Wrestling star chats about his on upcoming WWE shows in UAE: ‘Expect the unexpected’

  • By Sarah Diaa, Special to tabloid!
  • Published: 16:24 September 5, 2013
  • Tabloid

Abu Dhabi: Famous for his skull-crushing move, World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) star The Miz came off as anything but aggressive in a press conference in Abu Dhabi, part of a three-day tour to promote October’s upcoming WWE event in the city.

In fact, Michael Gregory Mizanin, more commonly known by his ring name, The Miz, is perfectly friendly, funny, admits he has a hard time saying no to anyone, and talks passionately about his anti-bullying campaign.

Those with tickets for the WWE shows, which are set to take place starting October 10, can see that friendlier side of The Miz at a meet-and-greet event at Zayed Sports City International Tennis Complex on Friday September 6 starting 4.30pm.

He will also be giving out autographs to the first 300 people who show up with tickets.

Discussing the upcoming WWE shows in the capital, The Miz encouraged fans to attend, saying that it is a different experience compared to watching the matches on television.

“The live event is unlike anything else. You can actually be involved; it’s interactive. When you’re there, that’s when you can really be what you wanna be. You can boo who you hate, cheer who you love, start chants if you want – you’re involved in the program,” The Miz told tabloid!.

As for what to expect at the shows, he said, “expect the unexpected” adding that he hoped the event would set records, just like it did last time he was in Abu Dhabi.

Having been here before, The Miz described the UAE audience as “incredible”.

“The one thing that we hope for whenever we come to a new venue, is if [the audience is] really receptive and interactive and do chants and boo and cheer and just get really involved. Whenever they’re like that, the show just becomes so much more amazing, and we were not denied that in Abu Dhabi.

“It was definitely rowdy, it was definitely fun, and it’s fun for the whole family,” the professional wrestler said.

In his final words to UAE fans, The Miz said, “Come to the shows. You will have moments that will last a lifetime and I guarantee if you’re not even a fan right now, you will become a fan because that’s how entertaining it really is.”

— Sarah Diaa is a trainee at Gulf News.

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