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Holly Hunter to star in an off-Broadway play

The Oscar-winning actress will appear in The Vandal from January 18

  • AP
  • Published: 13:16 November 10, 2012
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Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter is hoping to rip up the stage when she stars off-Broadway in a new play by Hamish Linklater.

The Flea Theatre said Friday the actress from such films as “Broadcast News” and “Raising Arizona” will be in “The Vandal” from January 18-February 17.

The play will also star Zach Grenier and Noah Robbins. Jim Simpson will direct. The Flea says the new work is a play “about death and vandalism in Kingston, New York.”

Hunter, who also starred in the TV series “Saving Grace,” was last off-Broadway in “Impossible Marriage” in 1998 and played the “Mystery Guest Star” in “The Play What I Wrote” on Broadway in 2003.

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