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Why are some bank agents bullies?

‘Stories of being made to feel like criminal chased by these agents – not only contacted once in a day, but many times every day’

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In an ideal world, everybody would have money for all their needs, but in reality, many of us have little option but to borrow to meet our goals. The problem is that when we take these loans from banks, the way of recovering the money from us is with bullying words and actions.

Are banks trained that way? Or are they required to harass customers all the time if their borrowers missed the payment even just one time? It’s as if they are motivated in that way, so as to increase their own personal compensation.

I’ve spoken to 10 people internationally with bank issues with regards to how their agents dealt with them on reminding them of their due dates or payments. I got 10 sad stories of being made to feel like criminals chased by these agents – not only once in a day, but many a times every day. There are instances even when you have already paid five days back, but they keep on calling without checking their system. They don’t care that you claim you already made the payment.

Why not try the correct approach to people? Why not motivate the borrower and help them, instead of threatening them with cases? These banks aren’t likely to receive responses when people are scared.

I agree that there are delinquent borrowers who purposely don’t pay, go to court and wait for the case to be dismissed after the insurance takes over. But many people have reputations they want to uphold and they don’t deserve this kind of treatment. They don’t want their name dragged through the mud. Maybe we are just passing through a very short and difficult moment in life. In this case, I say to banks, please consider the character and the credit history before bullying them with your calls.

- The reader is an administrative assistant based in Dubai.