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The most powerful weapon

The world’s most powerful weapon is an idea. An idea that passes through us — secretly, subtly and quietly. Ideas that our forefathers passed on to us. Ideas that build and destroy. Ideas that are the basic foundation of our idea of self.

We live in a world of ideas. Ask yourself, what is your idea?

Whether we are on the top of the Himalayas or inside a cave, an idea sticks with us, no matter what. My idea is world peace, love and a balanced way of life. I like India as a nation because my idea fits very well with their idea. Their fundamental teaching is based on peace and love. From Gautama Buddha to Gandhi, their messages are all the same — the path of love and kindness and the power of positive thinking.

What makes an idea dangerous? Your idea that you belong to a superior race is dangerous. Your idea that a nation suffering from poverty is under a curse is dangerous. Your idea of beauty having a particular skin colour is dangerous. Your idea that power is money is dangerous.

Today, we suffer from all kinds of health issues and diseases, which don’t have cures because of the ideas of what beauty and power are. Humanity tends to alter nature’s course to prove what we have advanced.

It is the idea of the United States that makes them think they are powerful and can rule the world. It’s the idea of North Korea that makes them test their nuclear sources; their idea that nuclear weapons will make them appear powerful.

It’s the idea of equality that Martin Luther King taught us about race. It’s the idea of my father that loyalty, more than honesty, makes a man. It’s the idea of my mother’s faithfulness that took my parents through their tough times.
Discriminative and unfair ideas result in war, poverty and terrorism.

What is the idea of your family? Does your family follow a democratic way of life where, all members including children have a say in whatever decision the family takes? Or does your family follow a sort of dictatorial way of life where the father who is the head of the family usually dictates and decides for the family? Does your family believe in arranged marriage? Does your family allow you to find your own happiness as a person?

Ask yourself, because you might be harbouring the same ideas in your head, which is affecting your way of life and how you view the world.
What is your idea?

The writer is a  Dubai-based blogger and Gulf News reader