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“Nothing will change”, says Trump

In a tweet flurry, Trump calls election recount efforts ‘Sad’

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US President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to publish a stream of posts indicating that the Hillary Clinton campaign’s involvement in an election recount was hypocritical.

Trump, who had himself implied that he would not concede the election during the campaign if he had lost, tweeted: “Nothing will change.”

Trump also tweeted about three instances in which Clinton slammed him for suggesting he would not accept the election results. Trump was responding to the Clinton campaign’s announcement that they intend to back the statewide presidential election recount effort taking place in Wisconsin, which was led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Twitter users responded to Trump’s tweet:

@realDonaldTrump: “Hillary Clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. Nothing will change.”

@joanwals: “@realDonaldTrump no, nothing will change. you lost the popular vote by 2.5 million. you’ll have to live with that.”

@immigrant4trump: “Trump Won, 306 electoral votes, 30 states, 2623 counties, VS Hillary 20 states, 487 counties, Sorry Liberals!”

@LadyThriller69: “@realDonaldTrump Do you realize what you are doing every time you tweet like this? If nothing will change then focus on UNITING America.”

@PuestoLoco: “@LadyThriller69, Unite behind @realDonaldTrump will never happen. He’ll be booed wherever he goes in the US and the world. Like Nixon.”

@RJPalacio: “@realDonaldTrump Results will change if recount suggests Putin rigged election or GOP suppressed votes. USA is a democracy not a casino.”

@anirvanghosh: “@realDonaldTrump Hillary believes the presidency is hers by right. She will do anything to get it, and has not accepted defeat. #NoSurprises”

@KevinLevin: “@realDonaldTrump No doubt you are correct, but she will still be over 2 million votes ahead of you.”

@justinhendrix: “@realDonaldTrump you were only elected with the help of Russia, racist voter suppression and a rogue FBI. And you lost the popular vote!”

@VyCrawford: “... What is that we truly know? This election was about emotion and not about facts.”

@robgoodwin72: “@VyCrawford see I completely disagree. HRC campaigned against Trump, he campaigned on issues. This is what swayed my vote.”

@junecrotty: “@realDonaldTrump So true! Also if they deduct the illegals & dead ppl that voted you would have the popular vote too! #MAGA”

@thewoman62: “@junecrotty @realDonaldTrump exactly if #Hillary keeps pursuing this #TrumpTrain shld be prepared to find proof of these illegal/dead voters.”

@MarkWilliamsTn: “... hahaha asking “The Donald “ to be Presidential is like asking a zebra to change it stripes.”

@DamienSanchez8: “@MarkWilliamsTn And asking Hillary to not lie is like talking to a brick wall.”

@TheLeeWilliams: “@realDonaldTrump you need a #recount... can’t continue with a popular vote against you. You know this.”

@tfickle9: “@TheLeeWilliams Lee, you are wrong. Several of presidents have lost the popular vote. Most recently, George Bush in 2000.”

@steveclarkuk: “@realDonaldTrump you cried rigged before anyone even voted. You are a hypocrite.”

@xanderberkeley: “@realDonaldTrump and YOU cried and cried about RIGGED elections. But it’s OK as long as the rigging is done for you?”

@ponchodeanda: “@realDonaldTrump, ‘A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.’ - Confucius, you are clearly not that kind of man. Sad.”

Craig Edward Stamper: “Trump is nothing if not predictable. Now that recounts are getting underway in 3 states, Trump has begun tweeting a bogus claim of massive vote fraud in 3 *other* states. Of course he has zero proof of this and is only making this bogus claim now, right after Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin on Friday and the state agreed to it. Trump immediately a whiny tweetstorm - including that Clinton had conceded to him by phone and, essentially, there are “no takebacks” - soon followed by his bogus vote fraud claim. #NotMyPresident #AuditTheVote #HamiltonElectors

Ray Gross: “Will a Recount expose the voter suppression?”

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