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Focus: Child abuse

In child abuses cases, do parents fear social stigma more than the psychological damage on the child?

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Speak up and be heard on the following:

  • Most children keep quiet about abuse because parents aren’t open enough.
  • Laws punishing those who fail to report cases of child abuse are the only way to create a safer society.
  • Parents fear social stigma more than psychological damage of a child.

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This is with regards to case Baby Falak from India especially.Since the time I have read this article in Gulf News (World Section )I am having sleepless nights. I really don't know how to reach directly with my voice. All I really want is that the baby gets well really soon. I humbly and kindly request the Authorities not to handover the baby back to her biological mother as she definitely don't deserve her back, instead kindly allow somebody to adopt her who is well capable to give her a bright future in terms of education and social status.please pass on this message if possible to the concerned Authorities....Thank You

Mrs Mohammed

3 March 2012 13:51jump to comments