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Focus: Caring for parents

This week, we debate whether children should be legally obliged to take care of their parents after adulthood

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We live in a world where parents are always expected to provide the best care to their children. But is that kindness and care reciprocated by children once they grow older? And in cases where children choose to not care for their parents once they turn into adults, should the be legally obliged to do so? This week, we debate whether a law should be enforced to ensure parents are taken care of by children after adulthood.

  • Share your views on any of the statements being put up for debate.
  • Children should be legally obliged to care for parents after adulthood.
  • Elders are being abandoned by children who feel their parents haven’t done a ‘good job’.
  • Such a law would be unfair to poorer families.
  • Those who don’t have children would be neglected.


Latest Comment

I am a 14 year old student under the nice care of my most loving parents. I can not imagine me not caring for them when they need me the most, when they grow old. Shame on those who discard off their parents, this is so inhuman. When our parents become old, dependent on us doesn't mean that we should feel burden about them. One should not forget that "today we are at this stage is just because of their blood and sweat and efforts and blessings." I swear wholeheartedly that I would take care of my parents with huge amount of love and affection at their old age time. They have been taking care of me so nicely, I know I am the apple of their eyes. My mother forgets her day long exertion when she sees me. She loves me so much. I cant imagine in my wildest dreams to leave them on their own when they get old. I am considered in my neighbourhood an ideal child/student and this is all because of my parents’s upbringing. I owe them so much, how can I not care for them when its my time to pay them back. Yes, only an evil person wouldn't care for his needy parents! Laws in this respect would be good support for aged parents but actually it should come naturally from the children.

Arushi Madan

16 April 2013 10:05jump to comments