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A balanced life and healthy mind

‘Everyone has their own journey, everyone has their own destiny and we all make our own choices in life’

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Everyone in their life has faced some problems and difficulties. If someone is saying they have a perfect life, that is an illusion. Life is difficult and that is a reality. We need to understand this fact, accept it and work on it.

We all have our fair share of emotional trauma, we all have our past, we all make mistakes and we all lose someone in life and there could be much, much more. The people who succeed these upheavals are people who are strong and mentally well-balanced and healthy. These people take everything in life as a challenge and try to find a positive solution and they have a way to figure out strategies to overcome the depressive thoughts. We all need to balance our thoughts as rationally and practically as possible. It’s easy to say, but difficult to do.

When we are well-balanced in our mind, we will never compare our life with anyone, as it is well said, everyone has their own journey, everyone has their own destiny and we all make our own choices in life.

Everyone we come across, is fighting their own problems. Some share, some don’t. We need to have a balanced approach to life. Look at everything that life has to offer with positivity. People have their own perspective and we cannot change everyone’s way of thinking, but we can change our own outlook on life. We will find life more happy and meaningful if we understand the simple truth that life is complex, but we can make it simple by untangling our own expectations and make our life realistic.

We humans need to have balance between needs and wants. We need to understand our own limitations. We cannot have unnecessary expectations from ourselves. We cannot work our lives as super humans. We don’t always have to multitask to show that we are capable.

Change is necessary and it is important because it brings positive change in our lives. Life might be difficult, but it is not impossible. We all need to find our avenues and channel our energy in a positive way. Bless all and bless everyone around you, wish everyone good things in your heart, you will see what a remarkable and happy change it brings to your life.

- The reader is a homemaker based in Dubai.