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Without monitoring, motorists drive rashly

Motorists’ behaviour on roads improves if they are monitored, reader says

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This picture was taken near the Liberty showroom signal in the industrial area of Sharjah. The road connects Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road to the inner roads of Sharjah.

I was waiting at the traffic light and saw a motorist trying to squeeze in from the front without entering the queue. The driver of the car edged in ahead of us and got into our lane from the end of the road.

We wait for hours in the queue and often find a smart aleck who succeeds in cutting through and getting ahead of us.

I have sent many such reports earlier and wish to highlight the issue. I suggest that the traffic police monitor such roads, especially near the end, so that nobody would try to get in.

I have also noticed that whenever there is the presence of the authorities at such junctions, everyone drives in such a decent way. The moment they realise that there is noone monitoring the area, they go back to their usual ways and drive rashly.

The reader works in the finance department of a private company in Al Barsha, Dubai.

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