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Trolleys abandoned in building corridors are a hazard

Reader raises concern over people abandoning trolleys in buildings, which are used as a toy by children

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A lot of items have been abandoned or missing lately, but one thing I come across frequently is abandoned shopping trolleys. This happens in Sharjah very often in the corridors of our buildings. But do people know what the consequences of abandoning trolleys are?

Every day, when I arrive home after school, I come across the same scene. The delivery men are not responsible for this, but it is the lazy families who are to blame. Many innocent children think of the trolleys as a toy. I have often seen them swing on the trolley while someone else pushes it around. The children who push are sometimes unable to even control the trolley, making accidents inevitable. It is a very dangerous thing to do. I have advised them many times, but they don’t stop.

Balu D., who works in a media production department in Dubai, has also come across this issue several times.

He said: “Shopping trolleys being abandoned in the corridors is a great danger, since unsupervised children can play with it, making it a hazard. It can also be an obstacle when people are moving to and fro.”

I strongly agree with this statement. It is very true that trolleys will be an obstacle in our path when walking or running.

He added: “In my building, we don’t see this kind of problem a lot since there are not much supermarkets nearby.”

Kimberly Christine, a teacher based in Sharjah, said: “It is a nuisance and causes inconvenience to people living in the building.”

Very true, since it is a complication to people who hurry a lot.

Rani Das, another teacher based in Sharjah, has come across such situations lately.

She said: “These trolleys are a major causes of injury amongst children under the age of five years. The most common type of injury I have witnessed is a fracture and most injuries are to the head and neck. If we place trolleys in the corridors, it’s most likely that children will play with it.

I think that all the trolleys that are brought into the premises of the building should be in awareness of the building watchman. He can advise residents or delivery men to keep the trolleys back instead of dumping it in the corridors of buildings.

On the other hand, the trolleys can be useful as people do use it to transport heavy goods through the corridors to their homes. But, what I don’t understand is, who brings the trolleys all the way from the supermarket to the building? Even if they do bring it, why don’t they take it back? I have seen shopping trolleys left randomly even in the parking lots of many buildings. Cars could crash into those leading to unavoidable damage.

How can people be so careless? If they see the trolley, can they not move it? This can avoid problems for a lot of people.

I request people to stop leaving trolleys in public places where an accident could occur. What I feel, as a responsible resident of my neighborhood, is that the trolleys should be moved away when spotted, or the residents should try to return them to the concerned supermarket. We should keep our community safe and free from accidents. I hope everyone tries to be conscious about the mystery of abandoned trolleys.

— The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.

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