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Thousands gather to provide labourers with care packages

Community care packages to keep construction workers going for three months

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On August 9, 3,000 enthusiastic philanthropists offered their humanitarian services to help construction workers live a better life by providing them with toiletries and household items.

The event, organised by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre and everyone present there had just one goal: filling 5,000 cartons.

The plan was that each construction worker would receive one carton, containing washing powder, pens, shampoo, batteries, tea, soup, caps, pyjamas, tissues, biscuits, T-shirts, packets of Tang, bottles and boxes of cheese. Each carton was designed to keep them going for three months.

There were a number of long tables, each split into two sections. On one side, called the ‘Work’ section, hefty men were sliding along the packed cartons that were ready to be distributed and collecting the toiletries from the other side of the table.

The other side where all the supplies were stored, and where I was working, was called the ‘Supplies’ section. There, volunteers dropped one of each supplied item into each box.

There were also people called ‘runners’ who were continuously on the lookout for anyone needing more supplies.

The event began at 9.30pm and we packed boxes until 1am and reached our goal of packing all 5,000 boxes.

This event was fun-filled and we were very happy to perform this good deed on a night in the month of Ramadan.

The event reminded me of the quote: “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving”.

By participating in this event, I was able to ‘Serve The Heroes’ as it turned out to be an indirect way to help our honourable workers.

The reader is a grade seven student at Delhi Private School in Sharjah.

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