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Smoking in cars must stop

Smoking in cars must be prevented for the safety of commuters

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Strict action must be taken against people smoking while driving, Gulf News reader Lekshmi Mini said.
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As we all know, smoking is injurious to health. We have seen advertisements in magazines and newspapers, and even schools organise campaigns to make people aware of the fact that smoking is, indeed, a killer rather than a pleasure.

People relate smoking to pleasure and stress relief but what does it actually do? It kills smokers a little more with every puff.

Smoking in cars is strictly prohibited when there are children present but still some people do it, which indeed is a violation. It’s a very common sight to see people smoking while driving in Sharjah every morning. I often see this while I wait in traffic on my way to college.

Smoking in vehicles is hazardous to health as it can cause many serious problems, especially if young children are present in the vehicle with them.

The authorities must take necessary steps in order to take control of this situation.

- The reader is a student

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