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Reckless driving in residential areas is a nuisance

Motorists drive at high speeds with modified cars in the late evening

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I have been living on Khalifa bin Zayed Street in Abu Dhabi for the past 15 years.

I write this report with extreme concern and in order to highlight the reckless driving and public nuisance that drivers in the area cause during the night time.

Although Abu Dhabi police have spent huge amounts in the interest of pedestrian safety and safe roads, this area has been neglected for quite a while. During late evenings, between 11pm and 3am, people from different parts of the city cruise with their motorbikes and modified cars along these roads at high speeds.

They create a high level of noise without any regard for residents in the area who might be asleep. The number of people crossing the road during this time may be few, but by driving at such high speed, they put pedestrians in danger.

I would suggest that Abu Dhabi police launch regular patrols and surprise road side check points during these timings. Additionally, they should also implement a number of speed bumps and radars, as the current traffic monitoring cameras simply fail to notice these culprits.

The reader is based in Abu Dhabi

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