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Reader pushes for more water conservation

Wasteful washing methods should be avoided

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Last Saturday, I was shocked to see three men cleaning the windows of a building using a hose with strong water pressure. I don’t think this should be allowed because it wastes a lot of water, which is harmful to the environment.

As we all know, water is very precious to our wellbeing. We need water to survive, but we waste water like this, which will be a danger to our future. People need to be more concerned about how they use water, especially in this region of the world, where it is more desert and water is naturally scarce. When I saw the people cleaning the glass with a full force of water, I was shocked as I had never seen this before. Previously, when I saw windows being cleaned, it was done with a small amount of water, where a lot of it was conserved.

We need to make people understand the importance of water. How can this be done? People can’t be forced to use water wisely, but we can do it through posters and advertisements. We must not wait for the government to do it, instead we should be responsible on our own.

A great example is the environmental day where every school in the UAE was involved in contributing something to the environment. How can we conserve water while cleaning a building’s exterior? I’m sure other readers would have a lot of innovative ideas. Let’s put our hands together and protect our planet earth’s most precious resources.

- This reader is a student at Our Own English High School in Abu Dhabi

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I don't really agree with this view. Let's not forget that those cleaners are also human like us. Cleaning the entire building windows is not an easy job and it requires a lot of hard work and effort. They have to stand and wash off every inch of dirt on the windows in such hot weather. Ifthey are using a hose that's because they know how difficult this job is and how much easier it could be or convenient it could become by using a hose. It's exactly the same thing as we do. We switch on the A/C most ofthe time simply because we are feeling hot. We don't really care what will be the cost of it. I think if we can be careless than they have all the right in the world to use whatever tool they like for their job. i believe its easy to criticize but when you put yourself in their shoes, the story becomes a bit different.

sumera malik

26 June 2013 18:34jump to comments