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Pedestrian subway would mean peace of mind

Provide a subway to improve pedestrian safety and leave traffic flow uninterupted

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Walking to school has been very difficult since I shifted to Al Nahda 2 in Dubai five months ago. This is because I have to cross the main junction linking roads to Al Qusais 1, Al Nahda 1 and the road leading to a nearby shopping centre.

Although the junction has pedestrian crossings, I always end up having to wait for 15 minutes or more before I can cross and am very often delayed no matter how early I start from home.

The traffic signal remains red for too long and we have to wait for cars from all four sides to move before the light turns green.

This causes many workers and students to waste their money hiring taxis just to cross the road.

An underground subway would solve this issue, as the public could move from one place to another without disturbing the flow of traffic.

I would certainly be grateful to the authorities if they could look into this urgent matter and improve the efficiency of the emirate’s transport system.

Solving the problem would mean a lot of valuable time could be saved, the number of accidents would be minimised and residents in the area would not need to worry about their safety while crossing the road, making Dubai a safer city.

The reader is a student, based in Dubai.

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