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Parking spots occupied by commercial vehicles in Bur Dubai

Reader raises concerns about not being able to find parking in residential area

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I would like to report on how the residents of Al Raffa area, Bur Dubai are suffering due to severe parking shortage as pickup trucks and commercial vehicles are taking up all the spots.

When you turn onto Kuwait Road from Al Mina Road, you will observe a signboard that clearly states, ‘No parking pick-ups and heavy vehicles in residential areas of Kuwait Street’.

However, the residents across this stretch of road are frustrated with pickup trucks and commercial vehicles parking in the area, especially after 8pm on weekdays and all through the weekend and public holidays.

Every day, these vehicles start gathering in the area from 7pm onwards and drivers will occupy prime spots near residential buildings. The truck drivers will just sit and chat without paying for a ticket and if the parking inspector comes, he will see the drivers in their vehicles and not fine them. They do not pay for the parking charges and just wait and kill time till parking becomes free.

This has been a challenge for residents who buy seasonal parking cards because they are left with no parking space despite paying for the parking charges in advance. And there seems to be no solution. On a weekday, if we are running late and reach after 8pm, we are unlikely to find space. But, the worst is on Thursdays. We can’t afford to move our vehicles through the weekend if we find a spot on Thursday evening. Pickup trucks and large buses start occupying parking spaces from Thursday afternoon and they do not move their vehicles until Saturday morning.

Long public holidays are a nightmare for us, as parking is free for all. We need to forgot about finding a parking space near our residential buildings. Due to these large commercial vehicles, we are facing risks to our vehicles also, as most of the pickup trucks are long and do not fit in the standard car parking slot. They occupy space in the adjacent slot and many times damage other vehicles in the process. I have been a victim of irresponsible parking by pickup truck, which cost me a lot.

I would like to suggest to the authorities to fine the pickup truck drivers who are parking in residential areas even after 10pm on weekdays or on the weekend and holidays. They could also install additional warning signboards to indicate that parking is prohibited for commercial vehicles and they will be fined if parked in the area. The residents should be allowed to report any commercial vehicles parked here so that the authorities could fine the vehicle immediately.

I would appreciate it if the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) could consider the above situation and take appropriate action.

— The reader is based in Dubai.

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Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to the management of RTA for comments. However, despite repeated reminders, they failed to respond.