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Motorists show lack of etiquette by cutting in and jumping the line

Bus lane abusers cause rush hour frustration

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Neelesh BhatiaFrustratingMotorists need to learn to wait their turn and respect traffic rules. Abusing bus lanes and cutting in front of others only makes rush-hour congestion worse.
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I drive from Bur Dubai to Deira via the Shindagha Tunnel every day and have seen that many people do not follow traffic rules and have no lane discipline.

There is a lot of congestion in the area, and instead of waiting their turn, many motorists cut in front of those who have been sitting in the queue for a long time. They just drive up the taxi and bus-only lanes, cut in and prevent others from keeping a safe distance between themselves and the other cars.

There is a rush every day and everyone has to learn to wait their turn. No one is more important or deserves to jump the line.

The authorities need to have more patrols in this area to catch violators and issue them a heavy fine.

The reader owns an electronics store in Dubai.

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