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Littered phone booths are an eyesore

Despite presence of dustbins, residents continue to litter

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At the outset, my sincere appreciation to Sharjah Municipality for making sure each shop has a dust bin outside. Also, they have provided enough phone booths in and around market areas to facilitate people who wish to communicate with their dear ones in their home countries.

Sharjah is a beautiful emirate and the authorities are taking an effort to maintain cleanliness.

However, recently, I was enjoying my routine morning walk when, to my dismay, I found that careless people have left waste behind in the phone booths.

Apparently, after finishing their talk and subsequently a drink, they would leave all the waste behind in the phone booth. It is the height of laziness = when a waste bin is just a short distance away. In the picture provided, readers can note that the waste bin and phone booth are in one frame.

Out of curiosity I decided to take a round of the area, which is Al Ghuwair market of Sharjah. I found over 20 phone booths littered in the same manner, with all kinds of waste.

I urge the readers to throw their garbage in bins around the area. Please do not leave it to the authorities. Small drops make an ocean. If one person picks up this habit, others will follow and our beautiful country will remain ever so neat and clean.

Furthermore, heavy fines should be imposed on persons found littering.

- The reader is a student based in Sharjah

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