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Irresponsibility on road: Makeup while driving

Is doing makeup while driving more important than the life of those driving on roads?

Image Credit: Mohammad Zeeshan
Mohammad ZeeshanMindless actDoing one’s make-up while driving can endanger the life of the motorist as well as those on the road.
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I came across a rather shocking scenario while travelling along Al Ittihad road, on a recent morning. On this busy Dubai-Sharjah road, I noticed that a car was not in control. It was being driven by a woman, who was doing her make-up. I noticed that she was continuously doing her make-up from Al Nahda till Al Qusais.

This is dangerous behaviour while driving and can cost somebody’s life. It is a risk to the driver and to others. Please be responsible and drive safe.


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Unfortunately, the below mentioned are the common distractions that Ihave seen: Eating, Drinking, Smoking Midwakh, Mobile use, Make up, Busyplaying with the Radio while at speed on hghways etc. It is sad to seean innocent's life lost due to such trivial pursuits. Please, I hope Ireach out to at least one person reading this and make him/herunderstand to focus on your driving, even if driving comes naturally toyou, do not lose focus even for a second. Thank you.

Khaled Rahravan

14 July 2013 18:21jump to comments