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Improperly stored gas cylinders a danger to lives

Keeping gas cylinders in a vertical position is all it takes

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Recently, I spotted an upturned gas cylinder outside a cafeteria in the Bur Dubai area, when walking from Al Fahidi Metro Station on Khalid Bin Walid Road. The area is a crowded one, close to Meena Bazar.

The cylinder was lying in a horizontal position. This is a safety hazard, which one would know on checking the cylinder’s storage guidelines issed by the manufacturers. Cylinders should always be stored in a vertical position.

Furthermore, this cylinder was an obstruction in the way of passers-by.

It is obvious that the cafeteria owner is not aware of the hazard in waiting.

The authorities should therefore look into this matter and see that the safe use and storage of such hazardous items is emphasised.


— The reader is based in Dubai

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I regularly visit a friend in muhaisnah and i seen several buildings that has Gas cylinders in each balcony of the building and surrounding buildings. I believe it is very dangerous and with the heat outside there can be possible threat to people leaving in the building and the neighbours. Next time i will take few pictures and exact location and post it here.


23 August 2012 15:47jump to comments

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