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Graffiti-spraying offenders have yet to get caught

Reader urges authorities to clamp down on this practice

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Salim MohammadQuite an eyesoreGraffiti damages the look of an area or building, but people continue to commit this vandalism.
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This picture was taken by me a few days ago. You might be surprised to know that this location is the back view of a landmark building in Sharjah. It’s one of the traditional buildings located near the area’s museum next to the Al Hisn Roundabout in Rolla.

People spray graffiti here all the time, and unfortunately no one is here to stop them. The area is pretty dark at night, which is when I think they spray graffiti. As this is located on a back road and on the back of the building, no one is even bothered to maintain the building, which I think is not fair at all.

I urge the Municipality authorities to take necessary actions. They should try to clean up these areas because this area is known as a central hub for the museums.

The reader is based in Sharjah

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