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Food wastage increases during iftar

Gulf News reader reminds people not to make too much extra food

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Community group iftars are common during Ramadan, but often times a large amount of food goes to waste. People should prepare smaller quantities that is enough for the people present.
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We have all seen iftar festivities around the UAE. However at some iftars, the food is being wasted at an enormous level. Please only put in your plate what you can eat.

When you go to group iftars, as many communities are organising during Ramadan, they always have large quantities of food.

Afterwards, there is a lot wasted and no one takes care of that. A lot of the food gets thrown away, which is not the essence of iftar itself.

There should be a quantity control such as making meal boxes for these group iftars and that would limit the amount of food served.


This reader is an IT analyst based in Sharjah

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