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Dubai motorist’s reckless actions put many lives in danger

Reader sees a man smoking and singing on the roof of a car on a busy road

Image Credit: Sunil K Menon
A resident is seen sitting on the roof of his car.
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This photograph was taken on a Friday night, at around 10pm, when we were passing through the Al Shindagha Tunnel in Dubai.

A man was sitting on the roof of his car and was smoking and singing. I don’t think this is a good practice as he was drawing the attention of other motorists, that too on a busy road. It could have resulted in an accident, endangering the lives of the driver, the passengers in the car and other motorists on the road.

Lack of concentration even for a single moment can cause fatal accidents on the road and he was inviting trouble with such behaviour.

I would like to bring this incident to the attention of the authorities and request them to take necessary action to prevent these practices. The man was putting his life in trouble, too, as sudden braking might have made him fall from the car.

I hereby request readers to follow traffic rules and regulations and to avoid these type of situations while they are on the road. If we act responsibly we can avoid accidents.

Now that the weather is inclement, the number of accidents are increasing day by day. People need to be more cautious while driving during bad weather conditions. We should be responsible not only for our lives but also for the lives of others.

The reader is a credit risk officer based in Dubai.

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