Discovery Gardens strains under bachelor influx

Discovery Gardens' charm is fading with increasing number of bachelors moving in, residents say.

  • Lower costs
    Discovery Gardens homeowners fear their property value will plummet if the developer does not stop the uncontrImage Credit: Megan Hirons Mahon/Gulf News
  • Lower costs
    Transport arrangements made by certain companies for their staff staying in Discovery Gardens have not gone doImage Credit: Anjana Sankar/Gulf News
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Dubai: Homeowners and residents in Discovery Gardens are complaining about the increasing presence of bachelors in the Nakheel-owned residential complex close to Jebel Ali.

If the trend goes unchecked, residents fear, the sprawling 26,000-apartment complex which used to be marketed by the developer as a community living space will soon come to wear the look of a workers' accommodation.

Homeowners fear their property value will plummet if the developer does not stop the uncontrolled migration of bachelors.

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"Workers loitering in and around the building clusters have become a common sight in the Discovery Gardens. A lot of unwanted elements are moving in. We bought the property thinking that it is a great place for family. Now we are stuck here amidst workers and bachelors invading the family space," said Creig R., a South African computer professional who moved in three years ago. Ever since 2009, when rents fell by more than 40 per cent, he says the residential complex has lost its charm for families.

"A one bedroom apartment used to cost between Dh75,000 to 100,000, and only people of certain economic class could afford to live here. Now with apartments available for as less as Dh50,000, the property profile has changed," he said.

Security concerns

Many families who spoke to Gulf News said the presence of workers and bachelors has given rise to security concerns, given the poor security arrangements in buildings.

"We do not feel safe to let children play in the garden unsupervised. There is only one watchman for seven to eight buildings, and no security locks at the entrance. With all these strange men roaming around, it is not at all safe for children," said Preetham Ghosh, a resident and father of two.

"My wife is complaining that she is being stared at by a group of men who are living in the adjacent building," said Adel Hussain, an engineer from Syria. "Now she does not feel comfortable taking our kid to the bus stop in the morning as these men wait for their company transportation at the same place. We are not against bachelors or workers but Nakheel should designate a separate segment for their accommodation."

But many government and private firms see Discovery Gardens as a cheaper and better housing option for their employees ever since the rents have fallen. For instance, one company has moved in over 1,500 of their staff to Discovery Gardens since September 2009. A spokesperson for the company said they currently occupy 12 buildings, and house 1,651 staff in these buildings. The buildings were purchased by the company directly from Nakheel in the middle of last year, and occupation of the buildings commenced in September.

"Prior to the purchase, we housed our employees in different buildings in Dubai and spread over areas such as Bur Dubai, Deira and Al Ghusais. It is a great benefit for us to now have centralised the accommodation in one locality [Discovery Gardens] and that makes it easier to transport the staff to and from the work place, and also maintain the facilities," said the company's spokesperson.

Buildings bought

The official added that the buildings were purchased for several reasons, including an attractive price, ready occupancy, community facilities, proximity to Ibn Batuta mall and the Metro, and also the availability of 15 ready buildings in one location.

Some people working for the company said they love the new place as it is more spacious and airy. "Four or five of us used to share a room in Rashidiya. Now it is two people per studio and it is very convenient. Moreover, we are able to enjoy some of the facilities like basketball and tennis courts," said a staff member who requested anonymity.

Complaints: Developer's assurance

"Nakheel adheres to all regulations with regards [to] over-crowding, safety and security at Discovery Gardens, as at all of our developments. Should any resident have a complaint, there is an established procedure to follow. This procedure is clearly stated in the common areas of the development and where a transgression has occurred we will, of course, act," a spokesperson for Nakheel said.


  • brad

    Oct 6, 2010 6:13

    hey,,stop being so rude to bachelors..ok. everywhere tere is gud and bad,,and living with family doesnt mean that the person is gud.i read that some ladies complained people staring at did she knw that??that means she was also looking them....everyone is gud to blame others...ohhhh,,wake up human beings.

  • kesr

    Oct 6, 2010 6:05

    All people have their own rights but its requested make good quality accomodation for every one like for families need family zone so they can enjoy family life and for bachelors need bachelor zone so they can enjoy bachelor life and when their family comes they can also join the same thing with rest of the families.

  • Cristie

    Oct 6, 2010 5:54

    I'm a bachelor living in DG and I want to complain that it's getting invaded by families! They are making a lot of noise fighting with each other, always having their relatives in on weekends, their children are screaming in the corridors and in the yards early in the morning when everybody wants to sleep, producing a lot of garbage. They distroying our lives! Help! Free DG from families!

  • Fahd

    Oct 6, 2010 5:50

    I used to live in discovery gardens, the problems with loitering is coz slowly gardening and cleaning activities were minimized by nakheel, trashcans for smokers were broken and never repaired, the greenery never managed and very recently they stopped watering the plants and they wilted a lot. Neighbourly conduct is a common sense and has nothing to do with being alone or with a family. People should reflect on their own behaviour instead of pointing fingers and the maintenance of the community should be serious about their responsibility. I live in JBR now and if they didnt clean here daily, it would be littered also, they have trash cans here, for smokers etc and thats the bottom line. People will tolerate the noise that their children or they themselves make but as soon as its someone else, they flare up.

  • Flee sho

    Oct 6, 2010 5:35

    All those people living in DG and those who support this article. You dont have to be there if you hate bachelors and labourers so much. For your kind information, all the luxuries you are enjoying currently in DG or The Greens or even in Palm Islands, was the result of the harsh work by those same people. How ironic, now they dont want the very people who worked for your luxuries. There is not a single case of theft, robbery or eve-teasing and you are afraid of safety? police patrol? and god knows what more. Remember, all those might be bachelors and workers, but they have their own wives and kids back in their country. Really, really, shame on those who feel as if aliens have invaded your surroundings.when you come across such article pointing towards you, then you'll understand what they would feel if they come to know about this. Put yourself in such situation for 1 min. think human, you've got brains. use them, dont be so rogue and selfish. Change yourself mankind.PS: GULF NEWS, please show some dignity towards MANKIND and remove this article from your FRONT PAGE IN SUCH BOLD HEADING.

  • Joel

    Oct 6, 2010 5:16

    I am a bachelor living with my bachelor brother in Discovery gardens since over a year and to be honest the familes are the nuisance in this area !!!!!

  • Gerard Ramos

    Oct 6, 2010 5:12

    No0t only in Discovery Gardens, take a look at International City. International City has become a haven for bachelors. Somebody should act about this with immediate effect.

  • Antonio

    Oct 6, 2010 5:05

    Come on, police to patrol the area? for what? tenants were facing the same problem in IC? of what? All these assumptions and unwarranted perceptions are simply ridiculous. Just because your neighbors are not as smartly dressed as you do doesn't make them a lesser individual. Try look at the mirror and you'll see what i mean.

  • Benny

    Oct 6, 2010 5:04

    spray some psesticides and scare away these aliens lol . Please understand they are also humans like every one else.

  • Ben

    Oct 6, 2010 4:53

    Bachelors are humans too!!! If the same people were bachelors, where would they prefer to stay if offered a good accomodation?? Its totally ill-mannered to chase off bachelors. If the married men also behaved in the same ways as bachelor is claimed to be, would the same people complain in the same manner?However, there is a certain code of conduct in manners which each individual needs to maintain. The instructions and manners need to be emphazised and educated rather than avoid them.

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hey,,stop being so rude to bachelors..ok. everywhere tere is gud and bad,,and living with family doesnt mean that the person is gud.i read that some ladies complained people staring at did she knw that??that means she was also looking them....everyone is gud to blame others...ohhhh,,wake up human beings.


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