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Curbing of illegal salons required

“In this hot and humid climate, these unhygienic salons are unacceptable,” says Gulf News reader.

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One Friday morning, when I visited the labour camp in the Sonapur area, Dubai, I was shocked to see this scene (pictured).

Adjacent to the Al Qusais bus station, there is a small tree. Under the tree, people have set up a makeshift hair cutting salon without considering the unhygienic conditions.

Three people work as the barbers and customers are seen waiting for their turn. All of them seem like labourers who stay in this labour camp.

In this hot and humid climate, these unhygienic salons are unacceptable. The hair when cut fall on the ground and then spread around the area.

There are Dubai Municipality approved salons in this area. But the workers seem to prefer this cheaper option. I have heard of similar makeshift salons in other labour camps located in Al Quoz and Jebel Ali.

I kindly request the authorities to take necessary and immediate action to curb this unhygienic practice and take consideration regarding the installation of new, affordable salons with hygienic conditions in all labour camps.


The reader is a security supervisor based in Dubai.


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