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Crossing at broken signal a major risk for pedestrians

Lack of zebra crossings leaves pedestrians little choice but to cross blindly

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The attached photo refers to a signal at a pedestrian crossing on Maliha Road, near National Paints in Sharjah.

One of the poles was completely damaged in an accident more than five months ago and removed, and though the other is still standing, it also stopped working at the time of the accident.

Even though the lights are not working I sometimes see women and children crossing the road at this crossing, which is very dangerous.

There is no way to tell if the light is green or red, so anyone attempting to reach the other side could end up crossing while traffic is still moving, resulting in an accident.

I request the authorities to take the necessary action to fix both poles in order to avoid a future mishap.

This is a residential area with few pedestrian crossings. So, any time the few signals stop working they should be repaired on an urgent basis, or the authorities should at least build more zebra crossings so people have an alternative to cross the street from.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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