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Walking helps us cope with stress

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Walking helps us cope with stress

Walking has more benefits than mentioned in this Gulf News report even (‘The benefits of walking’, Gulf News, November 23). If anyone is stressed or depressed, going out for a walk with a good listener who is good in keeping secrets, helps you de-stress. Our lungs will breathe in the fresh air instead of the air conditioning of our homes. The best place for brisk walks is in the park and walking slowly on the grass without shoes for a few minutes. It gives a feeling of freshness.

From Ms Syeda Ahmad


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Walk towards your health

Henry David Thoreau, an American philosopher said: “A walk is a blessing for the whole day.” So apt his words are! Walking not only improves your overall health, but it rejuvenates, refreshes and recharges you mentally, physically and emotionally as well. Walking is an easier and cheaper form of exercise that keeps you fit and agile, helps in handling weighty issues, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, tension and keeps your energy level high.

Its benefits are numerous. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a walk in the morning or evening. Although, some feel that the advantages of early morning walk outweigh the evening. But I think that the best time is the time that fits well into your schedule so that you can create a routine. In today’s fiercely competitive world, we all run at a break-neck speed that leaves no time to follow a leisurely routine. But taking out some time from the overly busy and hectic schedule, will make you walk towards a better and healthy life.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

Nature is beautiful, but dangerous

It’s a risk to be putting your vehicle so close to a wadi considering that much run off is taking place (‘Rain in Fujairah creates freak waterfall’, Gulf News, November 24). Nature is beautiful, but it can turn ugly and dangerous at any moment.

From Mr Abdullah Ali Ajmy


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Respect Nature

Everyone should be extra careful in those types of conditions. First off, since many of us are expatriates, it’s unlikely that we truly understand what we are dealing with. Nature certainly is beautiful and mysterious, but potentially deadly. We must respect Nature for all its grandeur. An nice outing can easily go sour if we aren’t careful.

From Ms Kelsey Long


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The mystique around the UAE

I saw a wonderful Abu Dhabi commercial in North Carolina, US the other night (‘UAE hotel occupancy rates continue to slide’, Gulf News, November 24). I think that the UAE is still kind of a secret to the normal travelers, especially in the US. It has a certain amount of mystique. I think that these commercials would do well for the country even more if they portrayed different sides of the tourism industry, such as the luxurious, the outdoors, the budget trip, the cruises, the cultural and so on. These commercials need to target certain types of travelers. I love Abu Dhabi.

From Mr Chauncey Maurice


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Compromising and patience

It is just sad to see divorce rates on the rise these days, be it celebrities or among the masses (‘Naya Rivera files for divorce from Ryan Dorsey’, Gulf News, November 23). It is high time that couples begin to value marriage and work hard towards saving their relationship rather than seeking divorce. Compromise and patience, in addition to trust and respect are essential to a healthy marriage.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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There will be tough times

People are too quick to divorce. When we look at our parents and grandparents who have been together for 40 or more years, do we think that they didn’t have tough times? You hear about couples having rough times lasting six months to five years, but they get through it with time and effort. Your spouse is your life partner.

From Mr George Paras


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Mourning a music legend

Dr M. Balamuralikrishna, the Carnatic music veteran’s sudden death shocked many of us and we are now grieving (‘Nation mourns music maestro’, Gulf News, November 23). His passing left a void in the Indian Carnatic music world and the cinema world. We express our condolences to the bereaved family members. May his family members find peace and comfort in this great loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

From Mr M. K. Gunaseelan

Abu Dhabi

End of an era

The Carnatic music prodigy Balamuralikrishna is no more. He was a legendary singer, poet, innovator of ragas and actor. His great era in music has come to an end. His contributions to film are everlasting as several dancers loved to perform according to the choreography based on his compositions. With his demise, a huge void has been left, which cannot be easily filled. He was a gifted man whose 25,000 concerts were performed worldwide. He also composed over 400 compositions in Telugu, Sanskrit, Kannada and Tamil. May his soul rest in peace.

From Mr Sunny Joseph

Kerala, India

Sore losers

Like the Australian cricket team, who always came out with flimsy reasons like smog and doctored pitches to explain their loss in Asian countries, the opposition parties in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, especially the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party, have not gracefully accepted their defeat in the recent elections. Of course, this is the same case with each and every party in our country.

Kudos to the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), who, despite the absence of their chief, was able to win all seats with huge margins. This clearly proves that the voters in the state are very happy with the functioning of the present government.

From Mr N. Viswanathan

Coimbatore, India

Pros and cons

Keeping cash in the bank in the UAE is a good option that at least earns two per cent interest (‘Hoarding cash in UAE: Why it’s bad for finances’, Gulf News, November 24). Also, one can convert dirhams into dollars and keep that in the bank. The problem that arises is that financial planners or banks offer nothing but a whole life policy, which has got very high built-in costs and strict exit rules.

From Mr Ajit Dhake


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Emergency fund

The problem that many people are worried about is if you lose your job. There’s always a fear that the first thing that will happen is the bank freezing your account. It’s hard to blame people for not putting all their money in the bank. It’s an emergency fund.

From Mr Mark DeVault


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Sceptical of climate change causes

I am a sceptic when it comes to the cause of global warming. The fact that the Earth is warming is not a matter of dispute as far as I’m concerned, but the cause is. First, the Earth’s temperature is within the normal range of its fluctuation. That means that this is a normal occurrence.

Second, the Earth’s energy system is very large and very complex and at this stage of our understanding, we are not able to say “if you do this, this will happen”. So the declaration that adding carbon will result in the temperate rise is beyond our level of understanding.

Third, the Earth has been significantly hotter in the past – just ask palaeontologists – and that was not due to man’s emission of carbon. This means that an entirely natural phenomena is fully capable of causing the warming we are seeing.

Fourth, the temperature of the Earth has been warming very slowly and very steadily over the past hundred plus years. The steadiness of the rise makes it difficult (if not impossible) to identify something man has done that would be the cause.

I remain a sceptic with respect to man’s involvement in the temperature increase we are observing.

From Mr Ken Gaglardi


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