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Letters: January 14, 2011

Letters: January 14, 2011

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Replace parking machines

It’s about time to change the parking machines (‘Motorists await for swift parking meter overhaul,’ Gulf News, January 10). Abu Dhabi paid parking machines are of the basic type where you either pay Dh2 for one hour or Dh15 for the entire day. We face a lot of trouble if we have to park for only two to three hours. Also, there is no mobile payment option. Hope they replace the old machines and install new ones.

From Mr Sam


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Parking fee suggestions

I have some suggestions to make. On a temporary basis and until they upgrade the machines in the area, the Mawaqif officers moving around should also be able to accept the payment and grant parking ticket permits with clear indication of time duration. There are so many instances that even stores around don’t like changing paper currency to coins. Therefore, if the machine is not accepting the coins, we should have an option of making the payment to the Mawaqif officers. On the other hand, some machines accept paper currency like Dh50, 20 or 10 and give changes just like at the airports.

From A Reader

Abu Dhabi

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The lawyer is a shame to the whole fraternity of men (‘Lawyer alleges police brutality in Delhi gang-rape case,’ Gulf News, January 10). He is not a lawyer!

From Mr Joseph

Abu Dhabi

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As a citizen of a democratic country, you should be able to venture out of your house at any time of the day or night. Venturing out at night doesn’t make you of questionable repute. Even if the woman has a questionable background, you cannot justify rape and murder by torture. This lawyer’s character needs to be evaluated.

From Mr Mike Ross

United States

A rape is a rape!

I would request the parents and friends of Jyoti, the victim, not to react to such statements, made by those who do not follow any professional ethics. A rape is a rape and is not qualified by either the age or any other aspects of the victim. By such a statements, the learned lawyer seems to have conceded that those whom he is planning to defend have committed rape.

From Ms Kamala Devi Subrahmanyan



Right now in United States is in a disproportionate state (‘US president faces another cliff,’ Gulf News, January 10). America has been bankrupted by our Middle East wars, our support for Israel’s mideast conquests and the great recession felonies of Wall Street. As a post World War II student, I was proud of my country’s heritage of democracy, honour, justice, opportunity and stature among nations. Today, I grieve for our diminished America, for our future, for our children and grandchildren.

From Mr John W

Cumberland, United States

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