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Letters: February 13, 2013

Letters: February 13, 2013

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Slow down

I have been trying to understand the concept of pedestrian crossing in Dubai. As far as I know, a pedestrian crossing allows people to safely cross the street using designated marked areas, where all cars stop and allow them to do so. But I think this definition has lost its objective in Dubai. To me it looks like there is no respect for pedestrians. I always see cars, especially taxis zipping over the crossings as if they were Formula 1 drivers. Moreover I have noticed that drivers, who actually stop at the crossings, usually get an odd horn from the cars behind them that want them to go ahead. I just want to tell all the drivers slow down and allow people to cross safely because it’s their right.

From Mr George B.


They deserve your respect

When I read the sad news stories about labourers who died in the Al Ain accident, I kept wondering, what I can personally do about it. I didn’t come up with much but I guess the least we youngsters can do is respect them. There workers do a lot for us and our city, in fact they do all the basic jobs. The only way we can make a difference in their lives is by showing them that we care. Let’s never misbehave with a worker again. He deserves more from you.

From Ms Sidra


Child safety

Implementation of child seat is not an easy decision (‘Ministry of Interior calls for child seats,’ Gulf News, February 10). Especially for the taxi drivers who will face issues to arrange seats for different needs of passengers. But at least for private vehicles, police must penalise those who allow their children in the front seat. It might not be that dangerous while driving on the roads in the city, but on the highways child seats should be a must.

From Mr Saju M. George

Abu Dhabi

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Ignorant parents

Every other day while driving I see children standing or sitting on their mother’s lap in the front passenger seat. The other times they are standing on the back seat and playing. Once in a while I also see some smart drivers with small children between them and the steering wheel. Are these parents really ignorant? When you try to explain to the parents about the dangers they just look annoyed.

From Mr Rizwan Kazi


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It’s not difficult

Almost all road accidents happen either due to driver lack of common sense, disregard to other road users or because of traffic law offenders. Don’t do these things.

From Mr Mahesh

Abu Dhabi

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I was saddened to hear about the loss of life and injury to three innocent children. The ministry is correct in advising families to avoid roads used by trucks. Unfortunately, unless the authorities plan the roads that way, it is impossible. I want to point that the serious inadequate access road into Dubai Investment Park from Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road is very dangerous. It is a narrow road that is shared by family cars, huge trucks and transport buses.

Rick Advano


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