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Rude drivers must receive training

Reader encounters a loud and obnoxious driver during a trip on a public bus

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This is regarding a bad experience I faced on a public bus from Ajman to Dubai, on September 11. Regretfully, I was not able to see the name tag of the driver — he was so rude to passengers. As people entered the bus and tapped their cards on the sensor, he yelled to those who were slow, and those who took some time to figure out how to work the card — for instance, some construction workers.

I was one of the passengers — an elderly woman, aged 68, with a cane in my right hand. I am someone who is only able to move slowly. My husband was with me to tap my card, because I could not do it with my left hand, as I had to hold on to the bus railing. The driver yelled at me when he saw me not stopping at the machine. My husband answered him, by yelling back.

While waiting for more passengers, the driver closed the bus doors and remained in the back seat of the vehicle, while playing with his mobile phone. Some passengers waited at the door, under the heat of the sun. It was past 12.30pm when he felt the need to open the door.

One woman passenger asked him politely whether she would need to tap her card when leaving the bus. He answered loudly and seemed to be furious that she had asked a question! The woman then told him to behave, as he was responding quite rudely.

I suggest the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) address this issue with the driver.

My concern is to bring this matter to RTA management so that the driver is trained to change his attitude towards passengers.

From Ms Magdalena Rivera


The management of RTA responds:

Kindly note that the bus driver was called for investigation by the Al Qusais Depot Manager and has been alerted to avoid speaking with customers in a loud voice, and to provide them with any kind of help required by them.

Ms Rivera responds:

Thank you for attending to my complaint.

(Process initiation: September 26. Response from organisation: October 31. Reader confirmation: November 15).

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