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What are the most dangerous roads in the UAE?

We want to know your opinions on the most dangerous roads in the UAE

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Which are the most dangerous roads to drive on in the UAE? Or do you know of dangerous turns or intersections? What risks do they pose to motorists? Have you seen any accidents on that road?

Flag off the most dangerous routes you know of by sending us an email at or sound off by clicking on the ‘Post a Comment’ link below.



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One of the most dangerous roads in Abu Dhabi is the Coast Road (Musaffah Road). I assume (these are the hours that I travel) that the most dangerous time to drive in the Musaffah – Abu Dhabi bound is in the mornings from 7.00 to 8.30 and for the Abu Dhabi - Musaffah bound is in the evenings from 6.00 to 7.30. In the evening, most of the trucks & bus drivers will be rushing back from work and the light duty vehicle drivers and their passengers are at high risk when all the vehicles get jammed in the bottle neck where the Coast road meets the Tariff road after the Musaffah Bridge. In the mornings, most of the cars and SUV drivers will be rushing to their works and the Musaffah Bridge get jammed all of a sudden and I have witnessed many accidents in these two locations in the last four years. The traffic police is vigilant and they patrol these roads in a very close intervals but still there are many minor-major accidents in this road often.

Helvin Arakkal

16 December 2009 17:27jump to comments

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