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Letters: November 2, 2012

Letters: November 2, 2012

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According to news reports, New York and a few other US states are struggling with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Offices, school and business came to a standstill, which signals a large financial loss. According to initial warnings, three-and-a-half metre high waves could hit the main city areas. People were moved to higher areas and many flights were cancelled or rescheduled. Is this a result of global warming?

In the current modern era we have seen many parts of the world suffering from natural disasters such as floods, drought and earthquakes. I would like to mention that it’s not only the poor countries that get affected but the world together is paying a high price for natural disasters. The floods in China displaced about half a million people, even Russia witnessed the worst floods in its history; Australia destroyed thousands of acres of land and homes and now it’s the US. Unfortunately despite these disasters the world has failed to control the rising temperature of the Earth.

The last global summit on climate failed to bring any positive change due to the world powers being selfish and blaming each other for raising the level of carbon emissions. Global warming is indirectly harming the already weak world economy. It is high time that the world gets together and each individual and every country contributes to protect the planet.

From Mr Khawaja Umer Farooq

Saudi Arabia


This is a piece of information (‘Private schools are free to pass or fail pupils,’ Gulf News, October 30). Personally, my child won’t get affected by this rule because I trust the school I sent her to and my personal efforts towards her studies. But as teaching staff, we were informed that no student should fail their exams up to grade five, based on the rules of the Ministry of Education. Hence, the teachers were persuaded to pass them forcibly, increasing marks in assignments and activities. The break-up of the marking system allotted 30 per cent to assignments and activities, to assure that all students moved to the next grade. Many an undeserving student got through the loophole of the system. Now, I am surprised to find that private schools can go ahead according to their will. Now, I realise the parents were right when they complained that their child has the full right to pass the re-sits. The system is efficient only when there are strict laws to be followed strictly. Why different rules for public and private schools?

From Ms Agniyah Shaikh


Relationship troubles

I have had a similar relationship and it taught me a lot (‘My girlfriend asks for money all the time,’ Gulf News, October 30). There were two things I did in order to get rid of her permanently.

Firstly, I threatened her with legal action and believe me girls don’t want that even if they dare you to do so.

Getting in a legal wrangle is the last thing your girlfriend would want. Secondly, I ignored her calls and messages. One night I got 88 calls and I did not reply even once. Threatening messages, friendly messages, emotional messages and blackmail messages — I ignored them all. It took a while but she eventually stopped contacting me, because I stood firm.

From A Reader


Website comment

Lack of practice

I guess the licensing criterion has some glitches (‘Motorcyclists 34 times more likely to be injured than drivers,’ Gulf News, October 30). Most of the young bikers here complete their lessons on a 200cc motorcycle to get their license. Then they immediately get ready to ride sports bikes over 1000cc, a triple digit Brake Horse Power (BHP).

Buying a bike is comparatively easy here, but these bikes are very fast and can lead to a fatality with the slightest mistake. Their way of riding, cornering, braking is completely different from normal commuter bikes. New drivers need to master the techniques of riding such bikes on roads. It is said that with power comes great responsibility.

The young bikers need to learn that responsibility for their safety. A helmet is not enough to protect them if they get into accidents, they need experience.

From Mr Vinny

Abu Dhabi

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