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Focus: Pursuit of excellence

At a time when numbers speak, performance is equal to profit and getting through the basic minimum at work is the standard practice, does the urge to set benchmarks of quality and excellence become redundant? How many of us go through life simply trying to fulfill the basics and how many set out to achieve true excellence? Is the pursuit of excellence a fool’s job in today’s world? Join the debate.

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16:33 Gulf News: What works in today’s world: setting a benchmark of quality or a clever use of resources?

16:35 Shalini Menezes: I feel it is a blend of both - benchmarks are needed to identify what needs to be achieved and optimum utilisation of resources will augment the achievement.

16:35 Aisha Naseem: Clever use of resources works better. Benchmarks are being set as we debate. You set one today, another one will be in its place tomorrow. Clever use of resources, in a way, ensures no matter what situation you are in, you’ll be able to come on the top. There has to be a benchmark, but how they are able to put things together and go forward really makes the difference.

16:36 Ishfaq Mir: In my opinion, smart use of resources is a clever choice. People nowadays want more and more in less time. They barely see the quality. As long as it fulfills the main purpose, they are fine with it. Benchmarks are often set but seldom adhered to.

16:39 Aisha Naseem: Quality can not be completely ignored. However, in my opinion, putting two and two together and getting a five is where the world is moving forward today.

16:41 Shalini Menezes: It finally boils down to mind over matter, as without benchmarks, you live life aimlessly. Setting benchmarks gives life a purpose and looking out for the best ways to achieve the goals is what determines success and excellence and finally satisfaction.

16:42 Prachiti Talathi: Quality can never be compromised. However, the aim should be to utilise available resources to deliver quality.

16:48 Apoorva Arya: In my opinion, it’s a mixture of both, the judicious use of resources and the quality or standard set by them. But setting a standard often takes time, while you can achieve much more in every situation by just using your presence of mind on how to use the resources available.

16:50 Shalini Menezes: Why are some nations or some organisations superior compared to the others in many aspects? It is because of the benchmarks set and efforts taken towards achieving the same. This process has helped many in the long run.

16:51 Shweta Madhu: Yes, in order to keep from drowning in today’s competitive world, companies set high benchmarks that revolutionise the world and this leads to more competition. It is a continuous circle, but it is what creates the evolution of the world.

16:54 Gulf News: Does having a moral conscience become a disadvantage in a competitive environment?

16:55 Aisha Naseem: I disagree. More and more people have come to realise, the key – not shortcut – to success is to work smarter. It still means one has to be ethical and morally upright and not winning something at the cost of another person’s hard work.

16:55 Shweta Madhu: In today’s world, people will do anything to reach for the stars. Therefore, being hardworking alone won’t ensure success. It pays off to be shrewd, smart and to not let people take advantage of you. At the same time, morality ensures that you do not get yourself or anyone around you neck deep in trouble.

16:57 Shalini Menezes: The corporate world or the corporate jungle is where we learn to survive. There is a thin line between knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet. Success often follows suit.

16:58 Ishfaq Mir: In some cases, yes, it does seem to be a handicap. But in the long run, I don’t think there is anything that can be called a substitute to honesty and loyalty. The moral conscience spoken about here plays a very important part in the overall success of the person and the organisation. Anyone can be tempted to take the shortcut to success, but it takes a true man to be firm on his values and morals.

16:59 Hannah John: But, at the same time, we have to maintain a moral conduct because in today’s competitive world, we generally have to grab the opportunities and go with the flow. For that, we have to be bold and aggressive.

17:00 Akshaya Parthasarathy: At the same time, lack of moral conscience will not help you succeed either. It all comes down to how smart and deserving one is, in doing things the right way.

17:04 Gulf News: Most people take the easy way out in projects and tasks because of a lack of vision

17:07 Simran Vedvyas: Success that is equated only to profit is short lived. In my opinion, only hard work and consistent performance with innovation in ideas and a drive to deliver them sets benchmarks of quality and excellence. The future will not be promising if the urge to set benchmarks of quality and excellence becomes redundant.

17:08 Ishfaq Mir: I agree with this statement. Such people don’t feel any need to give their best to a project. They do it just because they are supposed to do it. That force drives them to take the easy way out instead of putting in hard work and contributing in the best way to the projects. This artificial attachment towards a project shows clearly in the final outcome and, in general, affects the overall organisation.

17:10 Aisha Naseem: We look at any award or prize instituted, at any level of academia, extra – curricular activity or at the professional level, the certificate or tag line is always about ‘Pursuit of excellence’. They don’t reward someone for being smart, for those who got by and made the most of some one else’s hard work. Such an award is for me – my hard work, my dedication and sensibility. For my pursuit of excellence.

— Compiled by Huda Tabrez/Community Web Editor


Gulf News asked: Who do you think is more successful in today’s world?

A person who aims for excellence 42%

A street-smart manager 58%


Gulf News asked: Who do you think is more successful in today’s world?

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