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Pay Dh300,000 and be Bond for a day

Forget Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice or Roger Moore in Live And Let Die or Daniel Craig in’s your turn to be Bond, James Bond thanks to a Munich hotel package

Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/XPRESS
Bond-maker: Frank Heller, General Manager, The Charles Hotel, Munich, during an interview with XPRESS

Dubai: Living life 007 style is not a dream anymore. For a neat €60,000 (about Dh300,000) you can have yourself driven in a black van “Control Room” to the helicopter launch pad for your “secret mission”, fight your enemy, solve mystery clues, shop in a luxury boutique and celebrate in a casino, everything the James Bond way. The day-long adventure, an idea triggered by requests from its customers in the UAE, is being offered by The Charles Hotel in Munich.

“People from the Gulf region love exclusivity and after being well settled in their life want to experiment and gain unique experiences.

“Not surprisingly, this idea was generated due to our customers here asking for something as unique as that and we expect them to form a majority of our clients for this adventure,” Frank Heller, general manager of The Charles Hotel, told XPRESS.

Each guest gets to write his own story, have his own options, which will add to the uniqueness of his experience. Explaining the itinerary of the adventure, Heller said it all begins with ‘intruders’ finding their way into the guest’s hotel room and leaving an iPhone there with a programmed app with the first instructions for the secret mission.

A black van takes the guest to a helicopter launch pad. On the way he is briefed by the leaders of the operation.

With the guest now ready for the mission, the helicopter takes him into the mountains near Munich.

A small breakfast will be served during the flight. The adventure includes a cable car ride to the summit of the mountain and the guest has to solve clues in order to receive a secret USB stick. A host of unexpected events is thrown in the way and the adventurer makes his getaway with paragliders, trikes or hang gliders to ultimately shop in a luxury boutique for his James Bond outfit and celebrate in the casino.

“The entire adventure will be made into a 45-minute to 60-minute film and you not only live the secret agent’s life for a day, you are also a hero in your own film,” said Heller.

Each day, only one person gets to enjoy the experience. “Anyone who is above 18, male or female, can book for it.”

And while the hotel is yet to launch, there is already a queue of clients from this region waiting to live their dream adventure – and live like James Bond for a day. 


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