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Man caught with fake Rs215,500 at airport

Transit passenger tried to exchange them into dollars


Dubai A 44-year-old Syrian, M.M., stood before the Court of First Instance on Wednesday for possessing fake Indian banknotes totalling Rs215,500 (Dh14,869), and attempting to exchange part of it for dollars at an Emirates NBD desk at Dubai Airport.

M.M., a transit passenger, tried to buy dollars with Rs60,000, by providing the teller with 199 bank-notes of Rs1,000 denomination, as well as 33 banknotes of Rs500 denomination. According to A.I., 29, the teller who reported the fake banknotes, M.M gave him Rs60,000 to exchange for dollars. “Upon checking the banknotes I suspected they were fake. My supervisor too confirmed my suspicion.” A.I. then informed M.M. that the notes were fake. “In response, M.M gave me more money to exchange. It also turned out to be fake,” said A.I.

The bank then reported the matter to police. M.M has denied any knowledge of the notes being fake. Court reconvenes on February 13.


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