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Dubai singer’s debut single gets 30,000 hits on YouTube

Arabic single is part of an all English album due for release in October

  • Music is her life: Rouba with her childrenImage Credit: Clint Egbert/XPRESS
  • THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC: Lebanese singer Rouba says when she is with her music she is in a world of her ownImage Credit: CLINT EGBERT/XPRESS

Dubai Dubai-based Lebanese singer Rouba has got 30,000 YouTube hits for her debut Arabic single Marrat within days of its release.

The Arabic single is from her all-English album Mama’s Back which was produced in Los Angeles with music producer Joe Kennedy and is set for release in October this year.

“[The song] Marrat, which means ‘sometimes’, is about how people, priorities change. It is one of the first songs I wrote and is very close to my heart. The video shows three life changing stages — marriage, first child and the separation. The album would have been incomplete without it,” said the mother of two who also heads a PR firm in Dubai.

Slipping standards

Voicing concern over the slipping standards of music she said:

“These days a lot of songs are one hit wonders — they lack melody and depth.

“You remember the old numbers for years, but you cannot relate to most of the present generation songs.”

Rouba believes the only way to create good music is by reducing the dependence on technology and staying closer to originality.

“Arabic music has also been affected by excessive commercialisation. Today, very few music composers write their own lyrics. We need to educate our listeners. As a singer I feel it is my responsibility to do so.”

Rouba started learning music at the age of seven and became an accomplished singer by the time she reached her twenties. She used to do live performances but took a 10-year sabbatical to focus on her career and family. “I have a day job and a family to look after but when I am with my music I am in a world of my own. It’s a great feeling.”


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