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Dh500 fine for throwing waste, cigarette butts in Dubai parks

Violations that will attract fines include plucking flowers or doing barbecues in undesignated areas, among others

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives
New rules: Violations which invited warnings will now attract stiff fines. Picutre for illustrative purposes only

DUBAI Walking around in your beachwear, discarding cigarette butts and playing or barbequing in undesignated areas in public parks will now attract fines up to Dh500.

Dubai Municipality will start imposing the fines in about two weeks. The civic body will put up the list of violations outside parks. More than 200 officers have been authorised to impose fines in 105 parks across the emirate.

“We want people to cooperate with us in keeping the parks well-maintained and beautiful. Sometimes people who go to parks care little about misusing them or causing inconvenience to other visitors. They throw waste, pluck flowers and, at times, embarrass others with their behaviour. Earlier we were only warning them, but now we have been authorised to fine people so that such behaviour can be checked,” Taleb Abdul Kareem Julfar, Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department at Dubai Municipality, told XPRESS.

The municipality spends over Dh50 million annually on the maintenance of public parks.

Violations that will incur fines include plucking flowers, playing in undesignated areas, barbequing in areas other than those designated, walking around in beachwear at beach parks, taking pictures of the public without permission, discarding waste and cigarette butts, smoking in prohibited areas.

“We are coming out with a list of violations shortly. The list will be put up outside the parks. The amount of each fine will vary, but it will be a maximum of Dh500,” said Mohammad Hassan Al Fardan, head of the public parks section.

“Earlier we received complaints about people misusing public parks. Many times visitors are just careless and there are times people leave their kids unattended near pools or in the park. At times they make too much noise, play football anywhere, causing inconvenience to other visitors.

“The new rules will not only help keep the parks in good condition, but also ensure a good experience for all,” said Julfar.

The municipality is working on the mechanics of imposing the fines. “Our officers will ask violators for their ID card and the fine might be linked to their car registration file. We are still working on the process,” said Al Fardan.