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Becker doing his bit for London tourism

Tennis great urges Olympics fans to see more of the city’s delights

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London: Even though he didn’t always have a fun time wandering around its streets, former tennis great Boris Becker has urged visitors to take in the sights of London during the Olympic Games.

Becker and his wife own a home in London. The location is, no prizes for guessing, in Wimbledon. In his playing days Becker didn’t have time to do much else and the only time he did try to socialise, it turned out to be a very costly decision — given that he’s still paying child support bills after a tryst with a Russian model in posh sushi restaurant Nobu. But he definitely recommends that London is the place to be seen.

This is where Becker found both fame and notoriety and how many celebrities can claim that? Not exploring the various nooks and crannies of London is something which Becker regrets.

What better time to move around than the Olympics? Becker knows a thing or two about the Olympic Games, having won the gold medal at Barcelona in 1992. “Even now I sometimes parade it in front of my children to try to make them show their father some respect,” he told the audience during a meeting.

And with the crowds thronging the various stadia that are hosting Olympic disciplines, there is nobody left to visit London’s most popular cultural spot: the theatre.

It would appear that this would be the best time to catch a play in Britain’s capital city. Ticket prices have been cut by a massive 50 per cent.

It’s not as though there’s a dearth of choice in going to watch a play either: from long-running musicals like Billy Elliot, The Lion King and Mamma Mia, to award-winning plays such as War Horse. Tickets are hardly the issue here. So go and watch something playing soon at a theatre near you.